In this advanced percussion sound design tutorial, we cover how to make the super fat, extremely processed snares like those found in the Vengeance Essential Dubstep sample pack.

Techniques we cover are:

  • Tuning the drum
  • Creating layers for the snare body and white noise in XFer Serum synth
  • Making transients and adding stereo field using mid-side processing with foley sounds

The layers are processed with plugins, including PSP Vintage Warmer, Camel Audio Camel Phat, and Shaack Audio Transient Shaper(All sounds made with these third party plugins have been bounced down to audio so you can still hear them). All the layers are melded together using clip fades to top and tail them, then processed further with an Audio Effect Rack full of additional effects including parallel saturation, parallel compression, EQ, bus compression, and limiting. Be sure to grab the free Ableton Live Pack template that includes all the layers and tools shown in this tutorial video!

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