Vespers, Ableton Live Certified Trainer, discusses the best things to upgrade on your audio production computer.  We discuss hardware such as RAM, solid state hard drives, SATA drives, data doublers, DSP cards like the UAD-2, and sound cards like the Apogee Duet.

I answer questions such as..

1) Where is the low hanging fruit?  What should I upgrade first?

2) What are the most effective upgrades?  Is it RAM?  My hard drive?  My processor?

3) What is the role of the sound card?  Should I use an external one like the Apogee Duet or use my computer’s built in audio card?

4) What about external DSP cards like the Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite?  How much to they help?  Are they worth it?

5) How does Ableton Live handle RAM, given it’s a 32 bit application?

6) How does Ableton Live handle multiple processing cores on processors like the Intel i7 quad core?

7) What can I do to expand the hard drive space on my laptop computer?

8) Does it make a difference if I use multiple hard drives on my desktop computer?

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