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In this first of a series on drum synthesis, Myagi shows how you can create a thick Tom drum using FM synthesis and the awesome Corpus! Note: You will need […]

Last week I showed you a quick, creative use for Lives gate – an under appreciated little device that has lots of quick creative options lurking under its simple appearance. […]

Sometimes the most rewarding production tricks or techniques are the simplest ones. Certainly they are often the ones that yield the most “happy accidents,” the term I use for when […]

In this tutorial, guest trainer and sound design expert, Myagi, shows us how to create a bass patch for the infamous Tone2 Rayblaster synth. This virtual synth features a brand […]

Tone2 Warmverb Multi-FX Tutorial In this tutorial, guest trainer and sound design expert, Myagi, shows us how to process a bassline using the innovative Tone2 Warmverb Multi-FX plugin. He uses […]

In this tutorial video, guest instructor Myagi shows us how to create a rising transition effect using Ableton’s Analog subtractive synth and a chain of effects containing Simple Delays and […]