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Our ability to achieve our goals and carry out our plans with peace and ease is directly and inversely related to how much stuff is on our plate. The more projects we have, the more stress we feel. The more things we “have” to do in a day, the less effective we become.

The Less-erizer is a tool I developed after doing coaching with my mentor, Philip McKernan and then reading the book “The Power of Less” by Leo Babauta (also the creator of the Zen Habits blog.) The intent of the Less-erizer is to take account of all the projects on your plate. ALL of them. And write them down. The first step is awareness, as most of us will have projects we’ve forgotten about, or are floating around in our heads consuming mental energy.

Like Merlin’s List, this process is very simple and straightforward, yet immensely powerful and illuminating. Do this, and you will open the doors to limitless productivity through enhanced focus, and quality of work.

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