In this video we talk about the brain and what each of the hemispheres do.  The left side of the brain is for logical reasoning, analytical skills, mathematics etc.  The […]

A few months ago I had the pleasure of catching up with one of my favorite producers of all time; Ott. His music is beautifully organic, pristinely mixed, psychedelic midtempo.  […]

So, an update from Vespers labs.  I’m in the process of moving from Salt Spring Island, where I’ve been hibernating in my ghetto cottage studio for 5 months, to Victoria […]

Vespers, Ableton Live Certified Trainer, discusses the best things to upgrade on your audio production computer.  We discuss hardware such as RAM, solid state hard drives, SATA drives, data doublers, DSP cards like the UAD-2, and sound cards like the Apogee Duet.

In this video tutorial, Jake covers: compression settings, using EQ Eight to add top end “air” to the vocal while removing unwanted frequencies, gating, and the use of reverb and filtered delays on return channels. Loads of great tips here, enjoy!

Stop comparing yourself and your productions to releases by well established successful artists. Always do your best. Accept where you’re at. Focus your mind on what you’re grateful for (in general and about your music). Take stock of what you did well in the tune and where you learned or gained ground as a producer. Stop comparing so much. Acknowledge that you are expressing your own unique sound. Enjoy the journey :)