Aside from monitor speakers, acoustic treatment is one of the best investments you can make in your home studio, regardless of size.   I get the low down from world leaders Primacoustic on the theory behind studio treatment, the do’s and don’ts, and their epic line of products.

In recent post I shared an in depth perspective on treating your room first, before investing in studio monitors. In case you missed it, read the full blog post here. At the bottom of this blog post I share some of my recommended acoustic treatment kit’s from Primacoustic.

Intro to Acoustics & Interview with Peter Janis

Acoustic spaces affect us all – each room has it’s own character and set of hurdles to overcome. Lets find out why.

Acoustic Treatment Principles

A general overview of the technique and goals of treating your studio with an ear to improving your overall experience.

Materials & Products

The ingredients of a good product, here we see some of the Primacoustic gear from the inside out.

Room Treatments for Any Budget

A look over the options at your disposal from small to large.

Microphone Reflection Filters

Controlling the recording saves tons of work later – learn about a tool that will save you time and energy down the road, while improving recording.

Studio Install – Intro to the Room

A look around the physical space with an ear for what needs to be done and how to do it. Problem areas, focus points, etc.

Studio Install – Mounting the Bass Traps

Mount that bass! Quick and easy, these devices drastically improve your rooms response.

Studio Install – Acoustic Panels

The most recognizably influential add on to your room, acoustic paneling absorbs standing waves and cleans up your space.

Studio Install – Scatter Block Diffusors

Eliminate – or minimize – problem frequencies at a distance.

Studio Install – The Finished Product

Let’s bring it back around and check the sweet, sweet results!

mixing-mastering-with-jake-newIf you like what we’ve covered here today and you want to go deeper into mixing & mastering, definitely check out Jake Perrine’s Mixing & Mastering Online Course.


Learn how to achieve that signature professional, polished sound to your mix, and uncover the secrets to getting your mixes to sound good on any system! There are 3 free full length preview videos on the product page so head here to watch them!


Recommended Products

I highly recommend acoustic treatment from Primacoustic.  They’re one of the world leaders in this technology, they’re amazing innovators. After personally walking through their manufacturing facility, inspected the materials they use and interviewed their CEO and product developers, I can guarantee you are getting serious bang for your buck.

If you’re on a budget, the Primacoustic London 8 kit works great and it’s just over $200 USD.


For a bit more, you can get the Primacoustic London 10 kit.

For larger spaces, check out the Primacoustic Broadway London 16 studio kit.


What I Have in my Studio

I personally use the Primacoustic London 12 kit.  With 2 Primacoustic MaxxTrap Bass Traps.

My next move is to install a ceiling cloud to control top down reflections. Two options here:

Stratus Ceiling Cloud

Nimbus Ceiling Cloud


The Stratus is a bit more because it has an aluminum frame around it, allowing you to attach multiple panels together.  This means less holes in your ceiling.  Otherwise the Stratus and Nimbus are identical.