In this tutorial video, guest instructor Myagi shows us how to create a rising transition effect using Ableton’s Analog subtractive synth and a chain of effects containing Simple Delays and an Autofilter.

Many of you will have heard of Myagi already. He’s been one of my personal mentors for music production over the last 8 years. In fact, he runs the label Pop & Lock Records, which signed my first several releases. This guy was releasing records before I even started to write music. He’s a heavy hitter when it comes to sound design. When I’ve visited his studio, he’s usually knee deep building some new synthesizer by hand. He’s a mad scientist. Because of his expertise, he’s regularly sought by companies like FXPansion, who had him develop sound sets for the infamous DCAM Synth Squad and his sound packs have scored 9/10 in Computer Music Magazine.

As a producer, he’s toured the world many times over, and his tracks hold down some of the most prestigious ratings on Beatport.

Learn music production, mixing, and sound design with sound design guru Myagi

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