At the completion of last year, I had been producing, mixing and mastering a fresh, new 4 track EP called In the Wild, released on Westwood Recordings and available now on Beatport.

In the Wild was made with my most cutting-edge production tools, and now I have unlocked one of these 4 fully loaded live packs for you to download, absolutely FREE!

You get to explore the full depth of my track Silverlight, and absolutely nothing is held back. You get the samples, synth presets, racks and mastering chains all used in the song!(retail $39 value)

This tune is the culmination of 6 months of intensive music theory training with my own personal music theory teacher Ray Harmony. The amount you can learn by looking inside the Ableton Live project file is truly incredible and I’m incredibly excited for you to get a peak into how it was created.

To top it off, I’ve included a full video walkthrough of the Silverlight project file(retail $40 value), so you can get the exact scoop on how it was put together. I go through a detailed breakdown, piece by piece, in meticulous detail! You can listen to Silverlight and watch the making of Silverlight below!

Simply enter your email address at the top of this blog post to grab your copy!

In-The-Wild-BGIf you like this free Live Pack and want to unlock the entire 4 track EP, then check out the In the Wild: Live Pack Ultimate Bundle.


I go in depth on all 4 tracks from my ‘In the Wild EP’ (over 4GB of content!), including a 3 hour recording of an interactive webinar where I share every step of how I made each track in the EP. I break each tune down piece by piece, in meticulous detail. So head here and check it out!


Listen to Silverlight by Vespers

Watch the Making Of Silverlight

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