Nothing I am about to say is new.  I simply seek to remind you of that which you already know ;)

Signs you are not on the path of your highest purpose

    • You frequently experience stress, lack, or worry
    • You look forward to the weekend and loathe Mondays
    • You feel that you are capable of being and doing more than you currently are
    • If you were to look back on this moment from your deathbed, you would experience regret about what you are doing
    • You do what you do primarily to meet your personal financial needs
    • You are experiencing frequent obstacles and challenges that seem to make your current path difficult or belabored
    • You frequently get sick or experience health conditions that seem to inhibit your well being (these are gentle, or not to gentle, signs from the greater consciousness that you are straying from your true path)
If any of these resonates with you, I invite you to take some time for yourself, sit in quiet contemplation, and consider that a life of peace, bliss and fulfillment is your right.  If you have accepted anything less (as many of us have), then embrace the understanding that this is available to you and ask yourself, “If now is not the time to accept and allow myself to experience this, then when?”.  What will it take to awaken to that which you know, on a soul level, you are capable and deserving of.

Signs you are on the path of your highest purpose

    • You feel a deep sense of fulfillment
    • You really couldn’t care less what day of the week it is, because you’re amped to get up and rock your day
    • You feel that you have tapped into your true potential
    • If you could imagine yourself looking back on this moment from your deathbed, you would still be doing the same thing
    • What you do with your time and creative energy contributes to enhancing the world as a whole
    • You feel abundant and freely give gifts in the form of love, compliments, recognition, money, support etc.
    • You are enjoying your journey and experiencing bliss in the present, rather than seeking “happiness” by reaching some destination or goal in the future
    • You are healthy, full of energy, and vibrant
    • You see things that others may call “challenges” as tests that you are intended to learn from and seek to divine the lessons and soul growth that are available to you by transcending them

If these resonate with you, I applaud you for your courage in following your path and commend you for following your intuition.  Keep stepping into your path and, by doing so, you will inspire countless others to give themselves permission to do the same.


Love and light,

<3 Vespers