Vespers – Put Down the Gun Open Source Template

Every Music Producers Dream! Real Ableton Live Templates. Deconstruct my latest signed release “Put Down the Gun” & learn my techniques in the process.

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Product Description

Put Down the Gun is a dubby, glitch hop stormer that I released on Pop + Lock Records. It’s a very organic sounding piece, with flutes, trumpets and lots of tribal percussion. Vocal styles are courtesy of MC Vex.

This tune uses only Ableton devices, so if you have Ableton Live version 8.2.2 or later, you can open and run it no problem. This set is perfect for anyone interested in learning how to mix acoustic instruments, vocals and lots of ethnic percussion seamlessly together with some nasty sub-bass and wobbles.

I guarantee you’ll walk away from this set with:

  1. New ideas and inspiration for how to use Ableton and it’s Instruments and Effects
  2. An easy method to prepare your tracks and organize your scenes and clips for DJing in Session view
  3. Specially designed Effects settings and Racks for processing vocals, instruments, bass, drums and synths
  4. Tons of new sounds and samples to work with.

Requirements: You must have Ableton version 8.2.2 or later to run this template set. You can upgrade your version here:

What You Get

  • The entire Ableton set folder complete with:
    • All the samples used in the track
    • Device patches and settings
    • 6 new custom Return Track Racks
  • A mastered .wav file of the final track
  • A video walking you through the whole set, step by step
  • A special Session view setup for DJing


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$39.95 USD

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