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Music Hacking for Electronic Musicians

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  • Discover the method behind composing flawless bass lines and chord progressions
  • Access simple shortcuts to relevant theory for electronic music
  • Learn how to make songs that stand out musically
  • Never face “writer’s block” again!

$99.00 USD

Additional Information

Interactive Webinar Recordings


Total Length

12 hours

Skill Level

All levels welcome


All MIDI files used, “Hack Music Theory, Part 1: Learn scales & chords in 30 minutes” eBook by Ray Harmony

Product Description

As an educator and musician I’m always working on developing and honing my own skills. This has me on a search for better and better teachers as I learn and grow. I’m excited to share that I’m bringing one of my very own teachers to the table to share his wisdom and expertise with you. I’m thrilled to introduce Ray Harmony, who’ll be teaching our newest course, Music Hacking for Electronic Musicians!

For the past year, I’ve been blessed to be working with Ray on Music theory and composition. Even though I’ve been a musician my whole life, the impact that working with Ray has had on my music, and my understanding of music, has been “nothing short of unreal”.

Music theory is the language of music, and if you’re making music, you’re using music theory. Music Hacking for Electronic Musicians is for everyone from complete beginners to professional producers who make music by ear and want to learn how to use the power of music theory to elevate their songwriting. This course will inspire and empower you to confidently create faultless songs on a watertight foundation of music theory.

“Ray has a totally unique approach to hack music theory and give you the essentials in a fraction of the time.” – Vespers

IMPORTANT: Music Hacking for Electronic Musicians was a 100% live-streamed, online, interactive course that happened over 4 weeks in July of 2016. Over the course of these 4 weeks Ray taught 4 different modules on chords, bass, vocals, and songs, with dedicated question & answer periods. Each week we recorded the webinar, as many of our students who could not attend the live webinar schedule still wanted to participate. As such, many students still find great value from registering and watching the recordings! For those of you wanting to let the information sink in deep we give you lifetime access to the recordings so you can watch them as many times as you like!

What You’ll Learn

After taking Music Hacking for Electronic Musicians we guarantee you’ll be able to:

  • Compose flawless melodies and chord progressions
  • Apply relevant music theory hacks to raise your songwriting to a professional level
  • Make songs that stand out musically by using methods unknown in electronic music
  • Unleash your full creative force and keep your music fresh
  • Develop your own musical style
  • Inspire yourself by tapping into the limitless well of musical ideas
  • Say goodbye to “writer’s block” once and for all
  • Analyze your favourite musicians/producers and learn their musical tricks
  • Fluently communicate using the language of music

What You Get

Over the course of 4 modules, Ray reveals the secrets behind his composing process, from start to finish of a song.

In Music Hacking for Electronic Musicians you’ll get:

  1. All the MIDI files created to use and work with in your own music
  2. 4 x 3 hour webinar recordings, including, dedicated question and answer periods with Ray during each module
  3. Lifetime access to the webinar recordings of each module!
  4. A PDF with all of the songwriting hacks learned throughout the 4 modules
  5. A pre-release of Ray’s “Hack Music Theory, Part 1: Learn scales & chords in 30 minutes” eBook (“The most brilliant, fast, easy, and fun music theory book I’ve ever seen!” – Derek Sivers (CD Baby founder, TED speaker, author)
  6. Student Discounts of 20-60% off our partners and third party plugin providers! (including Ableton Live & iZotope software, xFer’s Serum Synth and more!)


An Interview with Ray Harmony

Course Curriculum

  • Module 1 – Chord Hacking
    • Shortcut for all chords in all keys
    • Composing impeccable chord progressions
    • How to say No to boring block chords
    • Re-arranging notes to make chords flow
    • Turning enemy chords into friends
    • Root notes vs. Bass notes
  • Module 2 – Bass Hacking
    • Going beyond root note bass lines
    • Motif hunting & what to do when you catch one
    • Composing flawless melodies
    • Drums after bass, never before
    • Syncopating bass/drums for originality
    • Adding layers with countering synth lines
  • Module 3 – Vocal Hacking
    • What makes a great vocal line
    • Composing catchy yet creative melodies
    • Listening to what the song wants
    • How to hunt for vocal motifs
    • Writing lyrics and hooks
    • Adding countering backup vocals
  • Module 4 – Song Hacking
    • Making a bassline to a chord progression
    • Making a chord progression to a bassline
    • Why one scale does not fit all sections
    • How to pick scales for different sections
    • Modulations that don’t suck
    • Song structure and arrangement

What People Are Saying

“The most brilliant, fast, easy, and fun music theory book I’ve ever seen!”
– Derek Sivers (CD Baby founder, TED speaker, author)

“If you have been put off music theory in the past, then this is the book to inspire and empower you.”
– Dr Victoria Williamson (Vice Chancellor’s Fellow researcher and lecturer in Music at the University of Sheffield UK, author of ‘You Are The Music’)

“Trust Ray, and in no time you’ll have a watertight music theory skill set you once thought impossible to obtain.”
– Pat Lundy (Modestep, ex-Funeral For A Friend)

“Ray manages to make learning music theory fascinating, digestible, and damn right cool!”
– Joe Copcutt (AxeWound, Zoax)

“This is the kind of book I wish I had when I first started out.”
– Ihsahn (Emperor)

About Ray Harmony aka. Ray Holroyd

Ray Harmony has dedicated his life to using the power of music to inspire positive change in the world, which he does through Revolution Harmony. Ray is a British African based in Canada, and an award-winning music lecturer, composer, performer, producer, and journalist. He has been studying music for over 30 years, and teaching it for over 20.

Ray’s first No.1 single was back in 1996 in his birth country of South Africa, and during the last few years in Canada he’s been making music with multiplatinum Grammy-winning artists (Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Serj Tankian of System of a Down, Kool Keith of Ultramagnetic MCs, Madchild of Swollen Members, and many more), then donating all the proceeds to charities. Between his time in South Africa and Canada, Ray immigrated to England where he spent a decade lecturing music theory and composition at EHWLC in London, one of Britain’s largest colleges. He was the course director and lead internal verifier for the music department, and was honoured to win the college’s prestigious Vocational Qualification Hero and Learner First awards.

Ray’s education is a unique blend of ‘classical’ from the UK’s Royal Schools of Music (piano, guitar, and theory, all to the highest grade) and ‘contemporary’ from the USA’s Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, where he graduated from their guitar program. He also studied education and did his teaching qualification at EHWLC.

Ray has been writing for various music publications (Kerrang!, etc.) every month since 2009, and he used to be the editor of a guitar magazine as well, until he once again moved countries. He ran a couple of record labels, too, but nowadays he spends all his time making music, teaching music, and writing about music.

Listen to a Preview of “Vespers & Ray Harmony – Create/Generate (feat. Kate Harmony)”

In my musical journey I am now able to divide my music into two clear categories: stuff I wrote before working with Ray, and stuff I wrote after.

Ray and I have been working tirelessly in the studio and today we are excited to share a preview of our newest collaboration ‘Create/Generate (feat. Kate Harmony)’, and is a free sneak peek of what will be the featured song in Music Hacking with Electronic Musicians!

Listen to Ray Harmony’s – ‘Hello’ (feat. Tom Morello, Eric Wainaina, Madchild, Steven Wilson, Kool Keith)

Following on from Ray Harmony’s debut all-star charity single ‘We Are’ feat. Serj Tankian (System Of A Down) and many more, Ray’s second all-stars ‘Hello’ features the legendary Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine), ’80s hip-hop pioneer Kool Keith (Ultramagnetic MCs), Canada’s rap hero Madchild (Swollen Members), iconic singer-songwriter Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and more.

Composed, arranged, programmed & produced by Ray Harmony in Vancouver BC, the complex international studio project was recorded in Canada, USA, Kenya, and England, then mixed by Rohan Onraet (Shakira, Robbie Williams) in London, and mastered by Ted Jensen (Madonna, Muse) in New York.

The lyrical theme in ‘Hello’ is based on the Revolution Harmony concept, which is the belief that musical harmony has the power to inspire a revolution towards societal harmony.

‘Hello’ was made in memory of the great Nelson Mandela (1918-2013) and was released worldwide on Mandela Day 2014, with all the proceeds going to Hope Runs, a charity that empowers AIDS orphans in Kenya with the tools of personal health, social entrepreneurship and education.

What skill level are the courses?
All skill levels are welcome! You don’t need to be a pro at music theory, even if you are a complete beginner, Ray has included a pre-release of his brand new eBook “Hack Music Theory, Part 1: Learn scales & chords in 30 minutes” We strongly suggest that you take 30 minutes to 1 hour and read through this book at least once before watching the webinar recordings. (“The most brilliant, fast, easy, and fun music theory book I’ve ever seen!” – Derek Sivers (CD Baby founder, TED speaker, author).

Are the courses applicable to my genre?
In a word – yes. The techniques we teach can be applied universally to virtually any electronic music genre.

How long can I access the courses and the webinar video recordings?
You have access lifetime access to the courses and the video recordings in your My Library section when logged in.

Are there downloads included in the courses?
Yes. They are:

  1. An eBook copy of Ray’s “Hack Music Theory, Part 1: Learn scales & chords”
  2. All the MIDI files created
  3. 14 Music Theory Hacks for Electronic Musicians PDF of songwriting hacks for electronic musicians
  4. A MP3 of The 4-Hour Song #1: Revolution Harmony & Vespers – “Sudden September”
  5. A MP3 of The 4-Hour Song #2: Revolution Harmony & Vespers – “Pumpkin Funkin'”

What if I don’t like the courses?
We want you to be as excited about the courses as we are. If for any reason you’re not 100% happy with it, we offer a no-hassle, no-BS, super easy 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Any time within the first 60 days after purchase we will refund your money.

What if I have trouble viewing the streaming videos?
Important: To get the best experience, we highly recommend you use the most updated version of Google’s free Chrome browser. This functions best with our streaming video players: Google Chrome

Can I download the videos?
No, but you have full access to all the video content after signing up. You can also access the videos from virtually any mobile device.

Are there any system requirements?
Yes, a broadband internet connection and computer, smartphone or tablet are required to watch the videos and download the course materials.

2 reviews for Music Hacking for Electronic Musicians

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    A really wonderful course! I’ve made my master degree in Jazz & Popular Music in the 90ties and since then I’ve been working as a professional musician and I really felt, that I needed fresh inspiration for my music and my teaching after 20 years of doing my kind of stuff. This course was way beyond my expectations! Ray Harmony’s way of teaching is fantastic, extremely helpful and totally inspiring. I really do appreciate Vespers’ work to organize such a fantastic course to share this knowledge. And last but not least both guys (Ray & Vespers) are doing this in such a friendly, relaxed, patient and warm atmosphere, this was also a big plus for me personally THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I have spent a lot of time trying to learn music theory as a songwriter and producer using modern technology to create. I have read books, pocket music theory manuals, I have used iOS apps for leaning music theory, and I have had friends who were classicly trained musicians with degrees in music theory tutor me. Throughout all of that I would only get a little understanding here and there and I knew that there was so much more to understand and I felt like I was just not getting it. When I saw this class and watched the video promos I decided to give it another go. With the promises Ray was making and how casual and laid back he was I was very interested and enrolled. This course was a career and life changing expereince. Soooooooooo many lights where cut on concerning music theory because Rays teaching style made things so clear. The knowledge from each class was immediately applicable to projects I was working on. One of the music theory experts that was tutoring me heard a track I produced using info from the class and he was very impressed. I personally could hear the improvement in my own sound as well as the confidence with which I was producing. The content in this course is MASSIVE and anyone who purchases it will get a lot of bang for your buck. Although it’s a course that we completed in a month I am going to view each module again dedicating a month of focus to each one to get more jewels from this music theory treasure trove, Ray and Vespers have a winner right here! If you have been at a loss for how to grow in your understanding and grasp of music theory as a electronic musician look no further. This gave me more value than any course I could have taken in a university and the price if a steal!

  3. (verified owner):

    This course is amazing! Everything taught in this course is designed to help you create more quality music, faster. Each of the four modules have valuable song writing information that you can immediately turn around and use in your own productions. This is by far one of the best “music hacking” courses I have ever taken. Legit hacks that work and will keep you writing, more music for many years to come! Awesome course fellas!!

  4. (verified owner):

    Sign up for this class.

    I already had a good grip on music theory from self teaching myself via apps and random online sources, but I was never 100% positive if I was teaching myself the right material and content. Nor, in the past couple of years, did I ever stumble across one particular source that would fulfill that void, until Vespers mentioned this upcoming class with Ray Harmony.

    Ray and Vespers together create a unique dynamic which ultimately bridges the gap between how to implement the language of music, while producing electronic music. They share their combined experience, education, and talents in real time on a live platform. The lesson plans are well thought out, organized, and the class runs at a decent pace with an intense amount of material (which you can download & save for later review). As a bonus, you were able to intermingle with other classmates, if you cared too.

    Signing up for this class was a no brainer for me, but you’ll definitely have to use your brain during class, and it will be challenged. However, you are in good hands and this is a great opportunity to learn the language of music from two trusting passionate individuals. Just one hour of this twelve hour course is worth the investment and I’m stoked to continue my music education with Ray & Vespers wherever they take us next.


    John Bells

  5. (verified owner):

    Hello All. I personally found the Music Hacking course to be a reality check in my avoiding music theory for decades!! I’ve always found it painfully boring!! Ray and Vespers made it very tolerable and even entertaining. This being said, don’t discount the actual value of this course. What’s taught is exactly what’s needed to be a more effective and concise creator. I’m having to admit that theory is a truly necessary evil that once you soldier through some of the basics can help you with the typical roadblocks that one encounters when playing by ear is your only musical foundation. Thanks guys!!

  6. (verified owner):

    This course is a stepping stone for me into electronic music. Melding music theory with electronic music is
    revolutionary and Ray is the guy to deliver it! I have taken many courses, but never have I taken a course where I hung on to every word and concept, and was disappointed when it was over!!!!!!! Reviewing the modules will be great moving forward. Thank you Ray for sharing your gifts and I will take any course, any time you offer to share your talents!!! Laura

  7. (verified owner):

    I wanted to take some time to give this class a proper review as I found it to be one of the most crucial courses I’ve taken in my development as an aspiring musical artist. Here are my detailed bullet points:

    Theory broken down to its essence: I studied music theory in college, many years ago, and even more recently in MOOCs available online. While I came into this class with a decent knowledge of music in various forms, there always seemed like some key connecting principles were missing for me. As a result, I’ve never been able to put it all together to make music the way I wanted. This class filled in those gaps heroically by distilling Ray’s years of teaching into easily graspable and immediately applicable “hacks.” These hacks may seem like shortcuts on the surface but they go to the heart of why and, more importantly, how music works. It tied up so many loose ends for me that I marvel at how many years of struggling were put to rest in just 4 weeks. That being said, I think that students with no experience of theory would also have little difficulty in grasping the concepts he teaches, with just a little applied effort. It most certainly will reward that effort dis-proportionally!

    Composition: Being a huge fan of Beethoven for decades now, I have a passion for the process of composition. With that, it was a pleasure to see what Ray was doing in putting together the piece for the class was true composition! Everything is thoughtfully constructed, and not to the purpose of some intellectual exercise but for how it effects the emotions of the listener. That’s huge!

    Ray answers questions thoughtfully: Students asked some great questions and Ray always took the time to answer the questions thoroughly. He never seemed in a rush to get to the next question and often, in the process of answering, he would go into digressions that were extremely interesting and which would have never come up if Ray wasn’t as thoughtful in his answers as he is.

    Vespers as host: As always, Vespers is the perfect host. Whether sifting through student questions, to bring related ones together for Ray, or giving Ray the screen shots he needed to properly convey his concepts, Vespers kept things moving smoothly. He often offered his considerable perspective on various subjects as well but always at the service of what Ray was teaching. Students were treated to great some production tips along the way; as well as useful conversations in the chat room on various software apps available for production.

    Willingness to take input to improve student experience: For their first time out in this format I had little trouble following what they were doing. On the few occasions when we preferred different screenshots to see what Ray was teaching, Vespers would come to the rescue and transition to what was requested to make sure what was presented had the best utility for the students. Further, they’ve already taken the feedback to buy the technology needed to improve the student experience even further for the net round of classes!

    It is not usual for me to take time out to give reviews but this class merits it in every way. If you want to make music founded on enduring principles, and that has a chance at being relevant and adaptable regardless of changing styles, take this course!

  8. (verified owner):

    This course is worth every penny. I have been on and off producing electronic music as a hobby for 20 years. I’ve been doing it by ear the whole time, with whatever background I got from grade school “band” classes. In that time I have continually looked for a music theory course that cuts out the bullshit and gets to the point — this is that course. If you read Ray’s book “12 MUSIC THEORY HACKS TO LEARN SCALES & CHORDS” you’ll get a small taste of the awesomeness crammed into this course. Every session will hit you with multiple concepts that you can’t wait to apply in your own music.

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$99.00 USD

Additional Information

Interactive Webinar Recordings


Total Length

12 hours

Skill Level

All levels welcome


All MIDI files used, “Hack Music Theory, Part 1: Learn scales & chords in 30 minutes” eBook by Ray Harmony