Audio Weapons Devastator Drum Rack

The Audio Weapons Drum Rack is a combination of a hard-hitting sample pack with a totally dialed in Drum Rack, set up perfectly to make speaker crushing beats.

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“One of the most time-wasting rabbit holes is searching for the perfect drum sample for your track. Vesper’s Devastator Drum Rack is an absolute godsend, providing 60 different types of kicks, snares, hats, and other percussion that is PERFECT for glitch-hop, dubstep, and breaks that you can scroll through with easy — and even automate to your liking. On top of that, his in depth youtube videos shows how he built the rack, and how to use its easy macro knobs to dial in the perfect drum bed for your track in minutes.”
Amanda Whiting
Communications Manager – Universal Audio

“All the samples, plugins, and tutorial videos you need to make speaker crushing beats!”

The Audio Weapons Drum Rack is a combination of a hard-hitting, layered sample pack with a totally dialed in Drum Rack, set up perfectly to make speaker crushing beats. I’ve set up Macros that allow you to quickly select your percussion samples with the turn of a knob. Say goodbye to slowly searching through sample libraries to find the right sounds.

  1. Earth shaking kicks: A kicks bus, containing 2 separate kick Racks with a total of 124 layered kick samples.
  2. Searing snares and claps: A snares & claps bus containing 2 separate snare & clap Racks with a total of 127 layered clap & snare samples.
  3. Sizzling hi hats: A hat Rack with 64 layered hat samples.
  4. High quality samples: All samples are 44.1 kHz, 16 bit .wav.
  5. Reversed kick and snare hits to add variation to your beats.
  6. Easily get that “professional sound”: Specially tailored effects processing chains for each of the busses, with compression, distortion, EQing and limiting.
  7. Gate effects on each of the percussion busses to control the decay tails of your sounds if you’re making faster music like breaks, electro, hardcore and drum & bass.

Once you have your sounds chosen, it’s time to add processing to them. All of the similar sounds are bussed together for easy processing. There’s a Kicks bus, a Snares & Claps bus, and a Hats bus, each with it’s own specially designed processing Rack, complete with all the effects you’ll need to dial in your beats.

Adding space and presence to your sounds is a critical part of making professional beats. I’ve added in 5 custom Return Racks directly in the Drum Rack, using it’s built in Send and Return function. You get:

  1. A short, drum-room style reverb perfect for snares and hats.
  2. A dimension expander to create stereo slapback effects to make your sounds wide and fat.
  3. A ping pong delay to add interest to your stereo without complicated panning automation.
  4. New York style parallel compression to make your beats sound HUGE, while retaining transient punch.
  5. An exciter to add sizzle and top end enhancement.

Every effect that can be set to a high quality mode is set to high quality. You do not need Sampler or any third party samples to run this. It’s a completely self-contained percussion arsenal!

Tutorial Videos Included!

I truly want you to understand how to make pro sounding beats, so I’ve included a full set of tutorial videos. You get access to 15 streaming HD tutorials. That’s approximately 45 minutes of in-depth, no secrets held back explanation of how I built the Drum Rack and how you can use it in your own tunes. Because the videos are HD, you can easily follow along by watching every parameter on my screen in crystal clear detail. The videos are broken down into bite sized chunks 1-5 minutes in length so you can better absorb the information, or quickly skip ahead to learn about a specific feature.

Preview Video Example

In the videos, you’ll learn:

  1. Exactly how I set up my percussion
  2. How I layer my sounds together
  3. Compression settings on kicks, snare and the whole drum bus
  4. What Ableton FX and settings I use
  5. How I make my sounds loud with compression, distortion, saturation & limiting
  6. How to set up and use the infamous parallel “New York” style compression
  7. How I give my beats that “professional” sound using special reverbs, delays, parallel compression and exciters
  8. How and where I use sidechaining compression and how I set it up


Runs on Mac and PC. You need Ableton Live version 8.2.2 or later to run it.


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$39.99 USD

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