Music Production

Let me help you craft your musical vision and powerfully bring it into reality.

Helping you conceptualize, develop, and take your music to it’s full potential. We work together, collaboratively as a creative team. This could take the form of me guiding you through the production process, consulting, connecting you with my contacts in the industry to help you build your team, or ghost writing for you. There are lots of options depending on your needs.

Get in touch and tell me more about your project.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have pricing information?

    Everything is customized to you and your project.  Once I go through a discovery phase to learn more about what you need and how I fit into that, I provide an estimate on pricing.  This approach works best because each project is unique and I have a wide range of services that may support your goals and artistic vision.  Reach out and let’s get a conversation going!

    Can I work with you in person?

    Yes.  I operate a beautiful, modern and comfortable studio capable of accommodating a team.  We have accommodation on site for up to 8 people and we’re close to a regional airport for travel.  Contact me for more info on in person sessions or music production retreats.

    My Clients