Audio Engineering

I take your music to its full potential.

I provide a full spectrum of audio engineering services.  This includes mixing, stem mixing, mastering, Atmos mixing & mastering, vocal production (editing & tuning), and consulting.

My main genres are electronic music, hip hop, and pop.  There are a lot of genre-specific engineering techniques so I’ve found it valuable to specialize.

Gear Highlights: Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Neumann KH420s, Apogee interfaces, ALL the plugins (well…almost).

I’d love to hear about your project.  Use my contact form to send details and let’s start chatting.

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    Hear from My Clients


    Vespers is a seriously badass audio engineer; one of the best I've ever met. Over my 40 year career I've worked with the best engineering talent in London, New York, and Los Angeles. Drew is a world-class, deeply knowledgeable, expert audio engineer with extraordinary mix chops, especially in electronic music production. His talent is combo of micro-attention to technical detail and a simultaneous 10,000 foot artistic overview - it's a rare thing. He's a joy to work with.

    Will Henshall - CEO, Focus@Will | Platinum Record Producer


    I've been working with Vespers for 10 years now. He is a master when it comes to engineering. I wouldn't know half of what I know if it wasn't for his partnership. If you want efficient, clean mixes, and to work with someone who's an amazing, caring person, I highly recommend working with Vespers.

    Angus Wilson - Music Producer


    I tried to master myself, but after I handed stuff over to Vespers it was like "Okay, clearly I need to work with someone like this." He was able to dial things in and make them clean and controlled in a way that I needed, and prepare my music to be played on big festival systems. It's been wicked working with Vespers; the guy is so detail oriented - he's a super-nerd. He's so meticulous about his approach and an encyclopedia when it comes to music production. I highly recommend him.

    Protokhal - Music Producer


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have pricing information?

    Everything is customized to you and your project.  Once I go through a discovery phase to learn more about what you need and how I fit into that, I provide an estimate on pricing.  This approach works best because each project is unique and I have a wide range of services that may support your goals and artistic vision.  Reach out and let’s get a conversation going!

    Can I work with you in person?

    Yes.  I operate a beautiful, modern and comfortable studio capable of accommodating a team.  We have accommodation on site for up to 8 people and we’re close to a regional airport for travel.  Contact me for more info on in person sessions or music production retreats.