In this tutorial video, Vespers shows you 3 bass patches in the new XFer Records Serum synth by Steve Duda. Each patch is explored step by step, and includes detailed walkthroughs of drag and drop audio to wavetable conversion, creation of wavetables using the visual editor, and one of the synth’s preset wavetable oscillators. You’ll learn several ways of morphing frames, the different styles of filters, the unison engine, the noise module, the sub oscillator, creative modulation routings, the mod matrix, the effects section, and the infamous warp function. Sound design has never been so immediate, visual and fun as with this monster of a synth.

By looking at the way these patches are put together, you’ll see practical examples of Serum in the context of a track. Isolated sound design examples can be fun, but to really get a feel for a synth and a patch it’s great to demo it inside of a real tune. This Serum bass tutorial flexes some of the impressive sound design capabilities of the synth. I hope to make many more tutorials on Serum, ranging from bass to percussion to leads and special FX. Serum is such a full-featured and capable piece of kit that it’ll have a plethora of applications for electronic music production, music for picture, sample pack sound design, SFX and beyond.

Right now, XFer Records has discounted Serum for first movers. It’s selling for only $129 until October 31st, 2014. After that it goes up to it’s MSRP of $189. Take a peek over at the XFer Records site:

For more tutorials on Serum and to dramatically improve your bass sound design skills, check out the Blitz Bass Sound Design Ultra Class and Template: