This is a full length preview of one of the Serum bass tutorial episodes from Vespers new Blitz Bass Online Course on bass sound design.

In this tutorial video, Vespers covers how to make a complex, harmonically rich bass wavetable from single cycle waveforms.  He uses the Galbanum Architecture pack of wave forms and the morph function within XFer Serum synth to do this.  The result is a wavetable similar to the carbon and scrapyard from Native Instruments Massive synth.  For future bass music, it’s essential to work with evolving, modulated sounds and wavetable synthesis it a great way of doing that.

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One of the most powerful aspects of Serum is the ability to drag audio into its oscillators and edit it within the wavetable editor to create your own unique sound sources.  Any type of audio can be used.  A vocal sample, a bass recording, an export of another synths patches and more.  Getting really high quality, properly formatted sounds can be tough.  That’s where the pre-made, single-cycle waveforms come in.  The sound designers at Galbanum have created 25,000 individual waveforms.  You can import them perfectly and seamlessly into Serum, then edit them together using the wavetable editor.  You simple put each waveform into its own thumbnail frame, then you can use a variety of editing tools, or simply morph between them to generate a super sweet wavetable.