Getting Serum’s advanced LFOs to work like an arpeggiator is a bit convoluted, because Serum – like Massive – doesn’t have a dedicated arp.  But you don’t need one! In this tutorial, I’ll show you the essential steps to creating an arpeggiator inside of Serum using 2 LFOs’.

The first LFO is used for pitch modulation and the second LFO is used for gating the amp section to sound like a pattern of notes.  You assign one LFO, in the Mod Matrix, to Master Tune, adjusting it to be exactly 12 semitones (or any range you choose) using the “double click controls for type-able values” option.  Then you can enter the command “12st” to get twelve semitones of modulation.  This is the part that trips up a lot of people.  The regular ranges for modulation of pitch aren’t expressed in semitone values by default. You have to specifically type in a value, followed by “st”. Otherwise, you’re getting incorrect, non-chromatic pitch values that’ll be sharp or flat.

Next you adjust the LFOs’ grids to twelve steps so they match twelve semitones in an octave.  You can use keyboard modifiers to get the LFO steps to quantize/snap to the grid.  To quantize to the horizontal time axis, hold Shift and click and drag.  To quantize to both axes, hold Shift + Option (Mac) / Alt (PC).  This will allow you to program the first LFO to correctly play the different pitches in your simulated chord.

If you want to save time in the future, you can also use the convenience “Save Shape” function in the LFO.  That way you can recall your arpeggiator patterns for future use.

Now go make some badass arps! Catch ya next time.

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