You don’t have to be good at math to be a good producer, however, you’re probably aware that behind all these pretty knobs and dials there’s some seriously complicated math going on.

Don’t worry we’re not going to get all math crazy in this video, but I am going to talk about some Magic Numbers that come up over-and-over again in music production and show you how you don’t actually have to remember them to use them effectively!

This video’s download is sort of an oddball. It may appear confusing at first, because there are no files in any of these directories. The folder names are what are important and they serve merely as reference text; That said, what I’ve done for you here is actually quite useful. Basically this can be like your own little production wiki that you consult when you’re doing different things, and you can use it without ever having to leave Live!

It’s essentially a reference guide that’s designed to be used inside of Live’s browser, grouped into folders so there’s a structure that makes sense.

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