Many of you in our growing community of aspiring producers and students have had a chance to play around in the new and improved Upgrading and migrating to the new site was a massive undertaking and we simply could not have done it alone.

The new theme design comes from our in house developer and WordPress ninja Nathan Sorochan. With Nathan’s creativity, hard work and determination we were thrilled when he presented us with the simple and intuitive design that is now

The next step: complete the migration of a community of over 15,000 students and subscribers to the new theme and ensure that each step taken along the way is executed in a professional and efficient manner. Our good friend ill Gates recently did an overhaul on the & spoke very highly of work done by Lion’s Share Digital, and for good reason.

Lion’s Share Digital, based in Austin, Texas, thrives on creating high quality websites and design identities for print, web and social media. Spearheaded by Lion’s Share Digital Founder and Project Leader Jesse Brede, alongside Lead Designer Jake Wooldrige, was fast tracked to completion. Providing solutions that meet clients goals and budgets to make the process as efficient and pleasant as possible, Jesse and Jake went above and beyond to make the transition at smooth and painless.

Jesse is a proven business professional with experience in business development, project management, web development, and online video advertising. He has over 15 years in experience with the web with a focus on WordPress, marketing, SEO and business solutions. Jesse has owned several small businesses and knows what it takes to get the job done.

We are eternally grateful for the support Lion’s Share Digital provided in helping us migrate to our new and improved!

Needing some help developing your brand? Need a web based solution that is beyond the scope of what you can do yourself? We highly recommend checking out our friends from Lion’s Share Digital. Whether it’s a WordPress design, social media strategy or branding project that you need help getting up and running, Lion’s Share has got you covered. Check them out here: