Check out this free ill.Gates interview from Vespers Creative Mastery course as they discuss some juicy topics including:

  • Creative blockages that stop you in your tracks and how to get past them
  • Stepping into your uniqueness and accepting yourself
  • Embracing your failures as possibilities
  • Thinking inside AND outside the box
  • Learning to trust your own opinion
  • Not being afraid to make drastic changes to your musical projects
Creative Mastery begins Tuesday, January 13th. Join us on the course!

ill.Gates is a Toronto-based composer, performer and educator. Over the past 16 years, he has established a global fanbase and a reputation as one of the most dynamic electronic music artists in the industry.

He regularly tours across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Gates has headlined at such festivals as Burning Man, Shambala and the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

His first full-length release, Autopirate (Muti Music, 2008) charted and continues to sell strongly. His upcoming triple album The ill.Methodology and accompanying online course are highly anticipated.

Many of his contemporaries cite ill.Gates as a key artistic influence and inspiration in their music. While on tour, Gates frequently teaches workshops to grateful and attentive audiences, in which he shares his highly effective approach to producing quality finished music as well as insights into the mentality and strategies necessary to succeed in the music business.