I’ve always been looking for ways to improve my mixes and recently my attention has turned to acoustic treatment of my studio.  For years I was buying all kinds of expensive speakers, sound cards and plugins to try and improve my music, but all this time the simplest, and cheapest solution was right in front of my nose.  Improving my listening environment!  In a blog post published by Universal Audio, the mixing and mastering engineer they interviewed said that the number 1 mistake most producers make is not addressing the room they mix in.

All kinds of things can cause trouble.  Each room has resonate peaks that cause certain frequencies to be accentuated.  Bass buildups can cause phase cancellation in your low end and make it tough to nail the bass.  Flutter echo and direct reflections can cause trouble perceiving your stereo field.

One of the major problems in small spaces is the use of studio reference monitors directly on your desk.  Your speakers vibrate and in turn vibrate everything on your desk, causing additional and confusing sound waves to be generated.  The way to handle this is to decouple the speakers from your desk, but how do you do that?  In this video we explore some ways and then discuss the best solution I’ve found, the Recoil Stabilizer from Primacoustics.