This video is on the value of having teachers in our lives.  I was recently reminded of this after taking saxophone lessons again.  I’ve been playing saxophone since I was in the 6th grade and for the longest time I practiced and played on my own. I had reached a point of stagnation, and I started to seek out a teacher.  

About a month ago I started taking lessons, which was very humbling because I needed to relearn how to play the instrument from the ground up. This was also very empowering because for years I’d been hitting these blocks and trying to build upon a foundation of bad habits.  I had to go backwards to go forward and I wasn’t able to identify these things myself because I was too close to them. Whereas my teacher was able to spot these things in a matter of seconds.

As we write electronic music, I think there’s massive value in seeking out teachers you can meet with in person.  One of the ways I do that with music is to always surround myself with people who are doing something different or know more than I do in a particular area.  When talented producers come to town, I seek them out to connect, and even film interviews when possible to share with you all.

Some of the other interviews I’ve done include:

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