In this tutorial I cover simple, but powerful techniques, using triads, the most basic of all the chords. Using voice leading and then inversions, I show how to choose the right chords, and link them together seamlessly.

Take 10 minutes and learn some easy music theory tips that’ll have you writing better chords in no time. In this video, I show you how to properly compose chords, intentionally, without borrowing random chords from other tunes or using MIDI chord generation tools. MIDI chord plugins are great for inspiration, but they can get in the way of you actually knowing what you’re doing. It’s really actually so easy, once you have the basics. Then you can say that chord progression is truly yours! No need to listen to Bach or take some mind-numbing class at the Conservatory of Music. Just a few simple power tips to get you inspired and writing fresh stuff. Enjoy!

music theoryIf you like what I’ve covered here today and you want to get deeper into Music Theory, then definitely check out Michael Maricle’s Music Theory course on our sister site Warp Academy.


Music Theory is specifically designed to help you learn how music works, and is ideal for anyone new to music theory. Not only will you learn the basics, but also the fundamental theory concepts that provide deeper, and more useful understanding. Watch the introduction and free preview videos here!


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