ableton touch

Today, in tandem with the announcement of Live 9, Ableton also introduced a brand new controller called Push.  Upon first glance, Push looks a lot like a hybrid of ideas from the APC40 and Native Instruments Maschine.  Push offers the small clip launch style buttons of the APC40, but with much sought-after pressure sensitivity.  In their demo video (below), Ableton shows how this can be used to create a pressure sensitive repeat.

This controller seems aimed equally as a compositional tool and a live performance tool.  Unlike the APC40, it also has an LCD display and looks like it bus powers!  One of my main complaints about the APC40 was it’s required power supply with a very short cord, making it cumbersome to set up at gigs.

From their statement “Play instruments with Velocity and Pressure” it would seem that the controller can send out both MIDI velocity data and MIDI aftertouch data from the pads.  This makes it a powerful controller both it the studio and on the stage.  Around the back panel, it appears to have 2 footswitch ins as well.

Ableton Touch

Although it’s lacking the APC40s faders, it has lots of assignable knobs, plus it looks much slimmer and easy to travel with.

I’ll cover this in more depth as the news unfolds.  Plus, expect a full video review when I get my hands on one!

Take a peek.