Ableton partners with SoundCloud to provide free memberships and free licenses to Live Lite

Ableton has just announced a groundbreaking partnership with SoundCloud, “THE” wide-spanning, live streaming, social media platform for musicians.  SoundCloud has risen to fame amongst musicians who use it to upload and share their music, provide free downloads, build their fan base, connect with other musicians, and interact with their following.  You can see SoundCloud players embedded almost everywhere these days.  Ableton has always been strong at forming valuable strategic partnerships, such as the ones with Akai, Cycling ’74/Max, Rane, and Novation.

This partnership creates pleasant synergy for both user bases:

If you own Ableton Live or Suite, or if you purchase it between now and May 31st, you will receive a complimentary 5 month Pro membership to SoundCloud (typically costing 250 euro a year or 29 euro a month).

If you are a SoundCloud user, you will receive a free copy of Ableton Live Lite, which you can redeem from now until May 31st.

With Live’s new ability to upload directly to SoundCloud, this partnership is a match made in heaven.

Big ups and mad love out to both of these amazing platforms.  Thanks for getting together and sparking off this awesomeness for us all.