Ableton Live 9

Last week we saw a flurry of activity on Youtube, as a Live 9 preview video was released.  This sneak-peak was followed up today by the highly anticipated official release announcement.  A new controller, called Ableton Push, was announced in tandem with Live 9.  I know you’re all hungry for the details, so let’s skip the pleasantries and get right into it!

Release Date

First quarter of 2013 for the full release.  Beta testing will begin in short order.

Video Preview

New Features

You’ll be excited to know, many of your prayers have been answered and Live 9 will be packed with new functionality.  This is not an exhaustive list I’m sure, but prominent among the new features are:

  • Automation curves.  In Live 8 the track automation was limited to straight lines separated by Break Points.  Live 9 introduces curves that will allow for dramatically enhanced automation potential and faster workflow when making creative automation.
  • Record automation/envelopes directly into Clips in Session View.  In Live 8, automation data could only be recorded into Clips in Arrangement View, but not Session.  If you wanted dynamic parameter changes in Session, you needed to manually draw in Clip Envelopes, which could be arduous.   Now you can record automation in realtime into a Clip in either view and transfer Clips between the views while retaining this automation data.
  • New Audio Effects.  So far we’ve seen previews of a new analog modeled bus compressor called The Glue, as well as enhancements to the EQ Eight, where you can now expand its display to be much larger and includes a built-in spectrum analyzer.  In addition, the Gate and Compressor display a real-time amplitude graph, visually showing how much of the incoming signal exceeds the Threshold.  The look is quite similar to the FabFilter Pro-C interface.  The Compressor now includes a Wet/Dry feature, to allow for easy parallel compression.
  • Extract MIDI from audio.  Live 9 provides new functionality to extract MIDI data from audio sources via Harmony, Melody and Drums to MIDI options.  Theoretically this would allow you to hum or sing a melody into an Audio Clip, and convert that into MIDI notes and velocities.  Personally, this is my new favorite as I’m a saxophone player.  This feature should allow me to play a riff in with my sax, then covert it to MIDI and drop it on a synth bass patch, turning my acoustic sax riff into a bassline.  This will be a fantastic alternative to drawing MIDI patterns in with the mouse and will give us access to far more human and musical sounding MIDI patterns.  Sounds ace to me!
  • Enhanced MIDI and Warping.  There are enhanced tools now built directly into MIDI Clips, such as stretching, reverse, legato, and loop duplication, which can be done in real time, on the fly.
  • Suite just got sweeter.  Suite now rolls out including the infamous Max for Live, as well as an arsenal of over 3,500 sounds from more than 40 sound designers.  The new Max for Live includes 24 new Devices.  Among them are new drum synthesizers, convolution reverb, and MIDI echo.

Ableton Live 9

Pricing and Versions

  •  Intro, the most basic version of Live, will be 99 USD / 79 EUR
  • Live, the full version, will be 449 USD / 349 EUR
  • Suite, the full-on “big daddy” version will be 749 USD / 599 EUR
  • All prices are based on download versions
  • Upgrade pricing to Live 9 will vary, based on which Live products you already own

Live 8 Discounted

Live 8 is now selling at a 25% discount and includes a free upgrade to Live 9 upon release.

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