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    Audio Weapons: Ableton Live Online Course

    I'm taking on an exclusive group of students and doing a 3 week long music production online course.  We will work on a track together from scratch while I share with you some of the top industry secrets.
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    Synthesis & Sound Design Masterclass

    Synthesis & Sound Design Masterclass is a monster course spanning close to 50 videos with over 22 hours of total training. It will take you from a novice or even moderately accomplished synthesist to the next level, and then to the one beyond that.
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    Mixing and Mastering Online Course with Jake Perrine

    How to achieve that signature professional and polished sound to your mix. The secrets to getting your mixes to translate and sound good on any system. How to get the best sound quality out of Live & more.
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    Synthesis 101 Online Course

    Synthesis 101 is a one-week intensive online course that includes 19 videos that cover all the fundamentals of subtractive synthesis with overviews of FM, additive, granular, wavetable, and Karplus Strong physical modeling synthesis.
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