Serum Tutorial: Highlights & Pro Tips

In this tutorial video, Vespers does a review of the new XFer Records Serum Synth by Steve Duda, including many of it’s highlights and pro tips for sound design.  You’ll learn how to import audio to make your own wavetables, how to draw and morph between frames in the visual editor, and how to apply warping to bend the wavetable readout.  You’ll see the unison engine, some of the best filter types, the sub oscillator, modulation routings, and macros.  We’ll unleash the beast and get deep into the synth’s inner workings in this Serum tutorial!

This is the first of many tutorials you’ll see from Vespers on this new “go-to” synth.  Serum is fresh to the scene and will be evolving quickly.  Steve Duda has been super responsive on the forums and there’s a large community of producers and sound designers using the plugin.  We expect to see big things from this stellar new piece of kit.  It’s been a long time coming too.  There hasn’t been a synth that’s excited me this much since the release of NI Massive years ago.  Serum has quickly been dominating my production and replacing other plugins because of how intuitive, user friendly and immediate it is.

Currently, XFer is doing a large discount on purchases during the synth’s introduction period.  It’s on for only $129 until October 31st, 2014.  After that it goes up to $189.  Check it out over at the XFer Records site: http://www.xferrecords.com/products/serum/

For more detail on Serum and to really amp up your bass sound design skills, check out the Blitz Bass Sound Design Ultra Class and Template: http://vespers.ca/shop/ableton-live-templates/blitz-bass-the-bass-sound-design-ultra-class-with-vespers/


Master Your Creative Potential

Creativity is a wonderful thing, but it can be a fickle beast! If you’ve ever wondered why some days you “have it” and other days you don’t, you need to be checking this out.

Vespers has come up with an absolutely brilliant, fully broken down monster of a course that’s designed to get you over all your hurdles (real and imaginary) and producing the music you’ve always wanted to. Learn how to bound over your roadblocks like a kangaroo jumping over… whatever it is kangaroos jump over, I’m not sure. But they can jump really high. And you will too.

Check it out at Warp Academy!


Remix Contest from David Starfire

David Starfire headshot

David Starfire has announced official “House of Bhangra” remix contest which features vocals by Afrika Bambaataa, the “Godfather of Hip Hop”.  Three winners will receive prizes such as the SubPac, Crane Stand, iControls midi controller, Hot Hand midi controller, QuNeo midi controller, Zenhiser sample packs and much more!  The winning remix will appear on the official ASCEND remix album on Six Degrees Records along with Gaudi, Kalya Scintilla, Govinda, and others They’ve teamed up with Spotlight.fm and The Untz for this promotion and the contest runs from from Oct 23-Nov 23. Go to www.davidstarfire.com to find out more info and to enter the contest!


Free Download: AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It (Vespers remix)

Marrying glitch and pop-melody into eargasmic moments of pure noumenal understanding, three minutes and forty seven seconds of DANK.

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Aluna George – You Know You Like It (Vespers remix)

This is an exclusive, unreleased Vespers remix of AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It. It’s glitchy, it’s bassy, even a bit of neuro flava. Epic percussion slammin you in the face, meaty tom fills, and tons of spicy vocal chops. Enjoy!

Download from our VIP area.