Producer Interview with Ott

A few months ago I had the pleasure of catching up with one of my favorite producers of all time; Ott.

His music is beautifully organic, pristinely mixed, psychedelic midtempo.  Ott albums have, for a long time, graced my playlists.  His tunes never cease to inspire and amaze me with both their demonstrations of technical production prowess and their transcendent musical beauty.

In this exclusive interview, we discussed how Ott creates his music, his background, and his mindset towards the creation of music.

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Vespers Interviews Random Rab

Interview with Random Rab where we discuss how he produces his music, the gear he uses, musical theory, production secrets, and the music business.


Interview with Jake Perrine, author of the book Producing Music with Ableton Live

I recently traveled down to Orcas Island in the US to interview Jake Perrine, author of the book Producing Music with Ableton Live. Jake is a Certified Ableton Trainer who leads the Seattle Live Users Group. In this book he brings a unique approach to the table. Many books on Live are laid out similarly to the manual, explaining what each device and parameter does, but not how to USE them. I tire quickly of these types of books as they offer no practical examples whatsoever. Jake takes a different angle though, and walks you through producing a track while reading the book. How refreshing! I certainly dig it. Wish there were more authors and educators out there who show us how to implement the theory; who take us to where the rubber hits the road.

This book is the first of three that will be released on Hal Leonard Publishing. This one is aimed at providing you with a solid foundation in Live, while the second book goes into more advanced aspects of the program and covers some elements of mixing and mastering. Oh, did I mention that Jake is also a professional mix and mastering engineer and that he taught the electronic music production program at the Art Institute in Seattle for 10 years????? Hello!

The third book will be on Ableton Live 9 when it gets released. Don’t ask me when that will be…none of us know ;) Waiting patiently on that one… So, if you’re a musician looking to produce music with ableton live, this book will be a formidable aid in building your knowledge about the program. I hope you check it out.

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Interview with Opiuo

Part 1

Part 2

An exclusive video interview with Opiuo where he speaks about the launch of his career, playing at festivals such as Burning Man and Shambhala, and how he produces his unique style of glitch hop.