Ableton Live 9 public beta is available

Recently Ableton announced that Live 9 will be launching in Q1 of 2013.  In anticipation of the launch, they’ve begun a beta testing program.  This beta program was rolled out in two phases.  The first phase put the beta in the hands of professional testers and Certified Trainers.  The second phase has now just launched, and is open to the public.

They have a maximum amount of people who can participate in the beta and, as you can expect, these slots filled up quickly.  However, there is an opportunity to sign up going forwards.  Ableton states, “The Ableton Live 9 beta is currently at maximum capacity. We will gradually be expanding the number of available testing slots as the beta continues, so please check back regularly.”

In order to participate in the beta program you need to already own a license to Live 8 or Suite 8.

For more information on the public beta program for Live 9, click here: Ableton Live 9 public beta program. 

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I would say they are incorporating code changes from 9 beta into 8.4


The big issue with these beta hosts is to get a real life test you need to work on songs and many pros are working on songs and get little time to test new ideas.

I really think ableton should have a set of select testers that have the full versions or at least know what the upgrade price will be. Imaging testing for months then finding out the upgrade is 249 euros. Then not being able to load songs back into 8 if you decide not to upgrade.

Ableton , tell us now what the real upgrade price will be.


Still full. Been checking back pretty regularly. Vespers, I'm guessing you've got your hands on a Beta? I'm hoping for some new takes on 9. There hasn't been much since the initial announcement, aside from one set of videos demonstrating the audio-to-midi. (Which is frigging awesome!!) 

Also, whatever happened to live 8.4? That's been in beta forever. I'm guessing maybe they'll release them around the same time, in case there's some serious infrastructure changes that accompany the move to 64 bit.