• Discover the method behind composing flawless bass lines and chord progressions
  • Access simple shortcuts to relevant theory for electronic music
  • Learn how to make songs that stand out musically
  • Never face “writer’s block” again!
  • Learn house music production from a Beatport #1 producer
  • Discover the workflow, secrets, plugins, samples & synths of a world-renowned pro
  • Download Giom’s personal production template & use it to supercharge your own production

Deconstruct & learn from Vespers’ newest tunes

  • 4 cutting-edge Live Packs with over 4 GB of sounds
  • The ENTIRE project file is revealed, including sound design, mixing & mastering
  • Complete with every sample, synth patch, FX chain, and Rack used
  • Learn from an Ableton Certified Trainer

Learn to powerfully finish what you start, tap into unlimited creative energy, and connect with the unique music that lies within you. Uncover the secrets to be in a state of flow, increase your mental focus, and break free of frustration and pressure. Walk away with techniques to “de-stuckify” yourself, avoid creative traps and roadblocks. Ultimately, you’ll feel more consistently fulfilled with your music.

Watch Vespers seriously pimp out a series of hand-picked students’ projects!

  • 9 amazing episodes representing tons of genres.
  • Vespers rips each project apart, doing sound design, breakdowns, drops, builds, and extensive mixing work.
  • The before and after results are astonishing, and you get to watch every move.

If you’re ready to take your music to the next level, then one-on-one lessons are the key. I teach a limited number of students one-on-one, online, anywhere in the world and provide guidance on each aspect of your production.

  • Learn how to make epic kicks and snares!
  • Includes the Blitz Beats percussion sound design template, built with powerful techniques using FM synthesis, resampling, layering, parallel processing and tons of pro tips
  • Watch a bonus 4 hour recorded webinar from the original session of Blitz Beats

A must-see course to up your production game on every level!

  • Follow along as Vespers creates a track from start to finish, showcasing all of his workflow tricks.
  • Learn how to harness Live’s power features to write tracks faster.
  • Includes extensive templates, racks, synth patches and samples.

Massively expand your production skills:

  • Make ANY synth do your bidding in seconds!
  • Develop your own sound.
  • Never use another preset again.
  • Get the MOST out of your existing instruments.

Synthesis 101 is an intensive online course that includes 22 videos that cover all the fundamentals of subtractive synthesis with overviews of FM, additive, granular, wavetable, and Karplus Strong physical modeling synthesis.

  • Learn how to achieve that signature professional and polished sound to your mix!
  • Uncover the secrets to getting your mixes to translate and sound good on any system!
  • Discover how to get the best sound quality out of Live and more!