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Having a background as an acoustic musician has helped Vespers to explore and understand the recording, DJing and live performance aspects of Live. His experience includes 7 years of classical piano, 21 years of saxophone, and 11 years of DJing. His knowledge of the program that extends beyond just the studio has been an asset for Vespers. He uses Looper to integrate saxophone and Akai EWI wind synth overdubs into his live performances and uses sampling extensively to create innovative banks of sounds triggered via MIDI during shows. He is a creative innovator, constantly pushing the envelope of what is possible with a fusion of technology and live instruments.


Vespers produces glitch hop and dub step influenced bass music with a Westcoast flair.  He’s currently signed to Pop + Lock Records and actively releases electronic music which consistently charts in the Beatport top 100. His releases have seen remixes by General MIDI, Myagi, Ill-esha, and The Groove Diggerz.


Vespers is a Certified Ableton Trainer and is heavily engaged in HD, screencast video education with Live on his Youtube channel and video blog.  His videos are routinely posted by some of the largest music education blogs in the world, as well as Mac Pro Video.  He also develops cutting-edge set templates, e-books, and other educational products.  You can catch him teaching in person at his live workshops and webinars. Vespers is very active in his hometown of Vancouver, Canada, teaching groups of students at Langara College, The School of Remix, the Vancouver Ableton Users Group, and the Vancouver Producers Forum.


Your workshop was brilliant…I wish I had taken it six years ago…I’m the classic case of building from the middle up and wondering why the foundation wasn’t there…

I’m in the process of reinventing my sound, investing in updated gear, and I’m really excited about the new energy and renewed enthusiasm I have for music creation…I was burning out from frustration, and feeling lost while everyone that was killing it made it seem so easy…you’re saving me buddy…thanks.

- Kristian Thorson (attended the Audio Weapons Workshop in Vancouver, 2011)

I don’t think i’ve sent you an email yet telling you how much i appreciate, and love watching your video tutorials!  I’m a new ableton user, and really don’t like reading manuals… so, THANK YOU for learning so much about this program, and spreading it on Youtube for free!  I think i can speak for all your viewers and say THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!

-David Miltenberger

Vespers is an incredible teacher with a knack for simplifying the complicated things. His technique for quickly warp marking your tracks and loops was the single greatest video a beginning Ableton user could stumble across. I can honestly say that I would not enjoy Ableton nor utilize it as quickly and efficiently as I have without the help of Vespers as a teacher.

-Gary Khan

Well Vespers, you deserve a gold medal in my book for your Youtube channel because I’m excited to watch every one of your videos. Not only do you break things apart in an easy and comprehensive way but your videos have opened new doors for my approach on Live. I’ve been a Live user for almost 2 years and have never taken it to its full potential as I can now see is absolutely possible with your tutorials and techniques.

-Youtube user: Ovosho

Your channel on youtube and your videos are the ONLY thing I have found that really delves into real techniques like layering, EQ, and other effects chaining.  Thankfully I came across your videos before diving in and it has jump-started my whole learning process.

-Jesse James

Vespers- I just wanted to give u props on what u doing. And ur willingness to help everyone aspiring to do creative things with music. After hours of videos on warping…. Ur one video had me on the path.. I finally got enough money to buy Ableton yesterday after my trial expired about 40 days ago. Thanks to you man… I will make amazing music and I will owe a part of it to you.

-Youtube user: ufinn

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